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I read in scar tissue and Anthony said that they didn't date, they were just friends that hung out, something about um getting tattoos, that keeps comming to my mind..

The Spice Girls will always be a massive part of our lives The ultimate queens of our childhoods, the ’90s, and advocates of friendship (it never ends, you know) have inspired a generation of young people with their jazzy pop songs and dedication to Girl Power.

Since the band’s untimely split 16 years ago, Geri, Emma, Mel B, Victoria, and Mel C have since reunited twice, once for a reunion tour in 2007 and again at the 2012 Olympic Games in London.

So rather than focus on the identity of who bullied her or what exactly happened, Melanie used this platform to explain how she wished she had been a stronger person when she was younger and being bullied.

Plus, this experience in Mel C’s life is something that she hopes can help others.

The drama kicked off after beauty queen, Baylee Curran called police claiming he had threatened her with gun.

Brown has since been released on 0,000 (£190,000) bail.

So it comes as a shock that Mel C said she was bullied by the Spice Girls.

Yet the reason Melanie C (what she goes by today) revealed that information to Even though it’s disappointing to find out Mel C was bullied by a Spice Girl (or Girls), she did receive an apology.

magazine about why she wouldn’t be reuniting with the Spice Girls for a reunion tour.

(Victoria Beckham had already declined.) She ended her beautifully-written essay with an honest statement of what the Spice Girls’ friendship is like:“We’re constantly reminded of our famous line from ‘Wannabe’ – friendship never ends.

“There’s a lot to be said for bowing out on a high note.” In the same essay, the singer opened up about how she was okay with her solo career never reaching the lofty heights of the Spice Girls and explained how fame has changed since she first started out. “Wanting to be famous just to be famous without talent?

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