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A great tale, a wonderful exploration, a thrilling account of humanity and its inhumanity. Perhaps I need to read it again (I certainly enjoyed it enough to do so), but I suspect it isn't the book that he would be awarded for anyways given it dabbles a bit in science fiction and the academy's general discomfort with "genre" fiction.

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Paul Auster and Ishiguro also had some volumes checked out; Ishiguro had like 5 or 6 books all due back in May.

Even if this method of looking at checked out material is completely wrong, I'd still guess Ishiguro is on the long list. On the basis of The Remains of the Day and Never Let Me Go, I think he'd be a worthy winner.

They're so young I would've been surprised if they had won, but all the critics assumed they'd be at least considered.

And there are a few people with only 1 or 2 books out, probably more for leisure reading/making sure the academy doesn't go insane reading the same few authors for a couple months straight.

In which case we definitely won't be able to figure out the full short list A few months ago I posted some half-baked thoughts on "masterpieces" and the Nobel and blah blah...

a much more thought out version of that is that it seems like unless the winner is a perennial candidate who easily could have won 10 years ago (like Magris), they've usually recently put out a work that pushes them over the edge.FRIDAY pm – pm IFBB Women’s Bikini Judging pm – pm IFBB Women’s Fitness Judging pm – pm IFBB Women’s Physique Judging pm – pm IFBB Men’s Physique Judging pm IFBB Pro Olympia Qualifier Finals for Women’s Fitness, Women’s Bikini, Women’s Physique, Judging for Men’s Open Bodybuilding SATURDAY am – am IFBB Women’s Bodybuilding Prejudging am – am IFBB Women’s Figure Prejudging am – am IFBB Men’s 212 Category Prejudging am – pm IFBB Men’s Physique Finals pm IFBB Pro Olympia Qualifier Finals for Men’s Open and 212 Bodybuilding Classes, Women’s Finals for Bodybuilding and Figure ALL TIMES EASTERN We have MD Video Interviews coming up as the Pro Athlete Meeting has concluded with- Victor Martinez Antoine Vaillant Jose Raymond Bill Wilmore Tricky Jackson Jon De la Rosa Along with an MD Toronto Pro Preview with Bob Chick!Men's Open Prejudging coming up at 5pm EST tonight! Went through the database again, Claudio Magris has a lot of books checked out due either very late in July or in August, if this method is actually legit he's probably on the short list too.Winning the Kafka Prize recently probably doesn't hurt.Interestingly, he was not on our radar for the long list, either having no books checked out then or only one or two very far down. Not as many as Ishiguro and Magris, but still a fair amount, although some might just be from the long list and not yet returned (although I think for most of them there might be more by them out than before; I didn't keep records of that stuff. ) Ferrante-My Brilliant Friend, Those Who Stay and Those Who Leave, The Story of a New Name (due in August!

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