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Emme "Marcy" Rylan completed a two-year acting program at the William Esper Studio and is currently attending college on a part-time basis.

She boasts the lead role of Winnie in the 2006 cheerleading film Bring It On 3.

Rylan, and longtime partner Don Money are also the parents to two boys, Jackson and Levi, and now the men’s side of the family will look after their baby sis, too!

In a post on Instagram over the holiday weekend, Emme revealed via a precious photo of her little girl that she and Don have named their newest bundle of joy, “Dakota Rose Money.” She added: “We are wildly in love!!

Emme Rylan is quite petite, so carrying around her expanding baby bump looks like it is becoming more difficult to get around much right now.

What has she been doing until she gets ready to go to the hospital?“I called her the day I found out I got it and she was dying.” Hey all you fan video makers out there.I am going to start featuring a fan video on the sidebar and it will stay there for the whole month.Anyone who has been following Emme Rylan’s (Lulu Spencer Falconeri’s) journey to motherhood for the third time knows that the happy General Hospital star gave birth to a bouncing baby girl.At the time of her birth, no one knew what the newborn baby girl would eventually be named.She has been keeping everyone up to date lately, but so far she is still hanging in there. This will be her first girl with partner, Don Money.

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