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Nicaragua is the perfect place to learn, live, and experience the realities of the developing world.This country finds itself at the crossroads between north and south, between yesterday and today.

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UCA values are: Upon arrival, all students will participate in a comprehensive orientation program to help familiarize them with their local surroundings, discuss health and safety as well as acquaint them with university and program resources.

The program begins with a required two-week intensive Spanish language course and an introduction to Nicaraguan culture for three credits.

It was founded in Nicaragua by the Society of Jesus on 23 July 1960, as a non-profit, autonomous, educational institution of public service and Christian inspiration.

It is a member of the Association of Latin American Universities Entrusted to the Society of Jesus (AUSJAL).

Students live in comfortable, furnished dorms just few minutes walk to campus.

Unlike American style dorms, you will have a host family on-site.Through social volunteering the university encourages students to develop feelings of solidarity and humanism towards those who are most vulnerable.Social volunteering contributes to social development and human and spiritual ethics, which enhance student talents.Its hospitable residents and flavorful cuisine are legendary.In Nicaragua, every conversation will be a learning experience, and every day will challenge your perceptions of the world.During the semester, students will take four courses from UCA's curriculum, including the required History of Nicaragua course.

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