Magellan maestro 3100 updating maps

Since everything is easily accessible, it’s just a matter of replacing and modifying the appropriate files.

magellan maestro 3100 updating maps-13

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agellan, creators of Hertz Never Lost and a leading global innovator of outdoor and vehicle navigation solutions, announced the worldwide introduction of the Maestro 3100 and Maestro 3140 portable vehicle navigation devices.

This model name is not featured on Magellan’s website and is not yet found anywhere but at Costco.

We’re not sure if we want to call this ‘special edition’ or an ‘inexpensive version for the holidays’.

So far he’s added a file manager, media player and upgraded the Points of Interest file.

The site is slightly bandwidth challenged, so I’ve mirrored his hack process here.You'll be able to ask questions about your sat nav or chat with the community and help others.There are some rumors out there that Magellan has a special edition Maestro; Magellan Maestro 3225.Peter I talked at pm 1/7/08 to Id 10062 Sasha from tech support who Peter transferred me over to gave me a new customer service number to call 1-800-699-4477 I called and found out was a sex talk line wow !!!!!!! I didn't even get a chance to thank her when I called back and was on hold for 1/2 hr and gave up!I can't understand trying to get some info is so hard with a company this size! Pair it up with your cellphone and you can dial the phone numbers listed with the POIs with one touch. POI, nevertheless.) Unfortunately, it will NOT work for other Magellan model. You don't have to show me any proof that you donate, just act from your heart.

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