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She was in a camp for internally displaced Yazidis near Dohuk, Iraq.During the last meet up, one friend said that people might think I'm gay because my blog template was pink. Im really curious to know about the gay situation in Tunisia?

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I tried to do some research on the subject asking the few( self proclaimed) gays that i know or have met.

The majority is facing discrimination and rejection mainly from their families.

The Austrian Foreign Ministry and Interior Ministry have declined to comment on the Tunisian woman's claims which were published in local media.

The woman who was arrested for breaking into and vandalizing the home of Chris Brown may have recently flown off the hinges ...

In the touristic cities you can also see some gay prostitution ( young tunisian with older european men).

I also discovered that many gays have wives and children and that they are having a secret life in parallel.

It's also interesting to see that people in Tunisia make big difference between the active and the passive ones--passives are more subject to discrimination or rejection.

I also know few places where Tunisian gays meet ( such as some cafés on the Bourguiba avenue or medina hammams or the existence of a Tunisian gay yahoogroup.

It used to be the case in the US or in France but currently the gay community is recognised, well structured and committed to defend its rights ! "Miboun" ( gay in tunisian) is perceived as an offending bad word.

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