Chat sex for ipad - Liveupdate had an error updating the virus definitions

Most Live Update errors can be resolved following basic troubleshooting steps.

The Symantec knowledge base contains solutions to common Live Update error codes. If connection to either website fails, check Internet cables and settings.

For more information, please see Setting up sites and replication and Specifying which data to replicate.

For information on how updates occur on Endpoint Protection client computers, please see Choose a distribution method to update content on clients.

To configure the behavior of a client group, use Live Update client policies, which you create in the Endpoint Protection Manager.

To view and change the Live Update Content policy that is applied to a group When you create a Live Update Settings policy, you have the option of specifying a Group Update Provider (GUP).

The Group Update Provider provides updates to clients in the group, and any subgroups that inherit policies as set on the Clients tab.

The two kinds of Live Update client policies include Live Update Settings policies, and Live Update Content policies.

The following table shows what each type of policy controls, and to what products each applies: See Choosing which content and which content revision to update on client computers for details.

Symantec Live Update automates virus definition distribution.

Symantec antivirus clients protect computers using current virus definitions.

When you configure a site to download updates, one or more management servers download the updatesnd places the updates in the database.

The Endpoint Protection Manager then uses these definitions to distribute updates to clients.

For protection against the latest threats, it is important that antivirus definitions, IPS signatures, and other content is always up-to-date.

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