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It consists of 26 cantons with Bern as the seat of the federal authority.

Switzerland borders Germany to the north, Austria and Liechtenstein to the east, Italy to the south and France to the west.

In summer more than 50.000 km of hiking trails inspire vacationers and mountaineers.

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Science and research is of high importance in Switzerland: 10 universities and two technical universities, the ETH Zurich and the EPF Lausanne, world famous institutes like the European Organisation for Nuclear Research (CERN) or the European laboratory of the US high-tech group IBM have seats in Switzerland.

For about 150 years tourism has been an important economic factor in Switzerland due to its location in the heart of Europe, its moutainscape and beauty.

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Much of Adult Swim's general content is known for their experimental, risqué, unorthodox, crude, dry, and improvisational humor, along with purposefully cheap-looking animation, and often bizarre presentation.The ski area of Corvatsch is located on the other side of the valley.At this altitude snow can be guaranteed and both skiers and snowboarders will love the perfectly groomed pistes. This will take you a little closer to the 3000m Piz Nair and Diavolezza.The Alps constitute about one third of the Swiss territory and are of great importance both historically and geopolitically.Nowhere in Europe are as many mountains higher than 4.000m – 73 mountains, 19 of them at the border to Italy.In winter the Snow and Symphony Graubünden Festival includes international orchestras and soloists.

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