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"You will never find her." CNN i Report: Are you a survivor?

Share your thoughts around rape, sexual violence and moving on My journey begins outside a district court in south Delhi's Saket neighborhood, where hundreds have gathered on a sweltering September afternoon for what feels like judgment day for all of India.

Though the courts ultimately refused to believe Mathura was raped, history has come down on her side.

She is uniformly depicted as a rape victim -- not a woman who cried rape.

Photograph: Keystone/Getty Images/File But rape knows no boundaries of class or culture.

After it happened, she might as well have worn a scarlet letter on her chest. She was brave to speak out and did what few women back then did. But the highest court of the land did not believe she was telling the truth.

The accompanying column lamented that the attitudes of men had changed little since the landmark 1972 case.

Some said the outcry in Delhi could be traced to the rape 41 years ago.

Numerous other stories, opinion pieces and timelines on rape legislation mentioned the case. Sweeping generalizations about my country in news coverage on sexual assault both embarrassed and angered me.

But no one seemed to know what had happened to the victim, the teenage girl whose court-given name now popped up everywhere: Mathura. So began my quest to find the woman who had innocently walked to a village police station to settle a domestic dispute and returned home a rape victim. I wanted to learn for myself how India, as a society, dealt with rape. In some ways, life has not changed much for women in rural India since Mathura’s rape in 1972.

Women march in New Delhi in 1980 to demand that the Indian Supreme Court reconsider the case of Mathura, who accused two policemen of raping her when she was a teenager.

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