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Do you think you'll never get that job, spouse, house, or other goals? Do you keep doing things over and over that seem senseless? It is my belief that people have the capacity to change their thoughts, feelings, and behavior.Do you have physical symptoms when you're worried? I see my role as helping you discover your strengths, change limiting thoughts, find solutions, feel better, and live more effectively in all areas of your life.""I utilize a Full Spectrum Cognitive Behavioral Therapy approach to assist people with healing, enrichment, change, and transformation.Delicious is delicious no matter what continent you are on. ER: Yes, so it's more accessible to a larger audience.

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It’s New York cooking with a Peruvian attitude and heartbeat.

I knew it was going to translate because the flavor profiles of Peruvian cuisine are delicious.

Chef Erik Ramirez: It varies, but for [Williamsburg] I'd say 5. It’s food you want to dig into and savor each bite.

I hope I can open some people's eyes to look at Peruvian food in a different light. Just from constantly evolving and making Llama better, I hope people can catch on and see the potential Peruvian cuisine has. For example, the omelet stuffed with Chinese sausage fried rice; Who wouldn't want to eat that after a night of partying?

We chatted with Ramirez last week and asked him about his definition of stoner food, what he learned while cruising Peru with chef Virgilio Martinez, if he’s seen any crazy [stuff] happening under the bridge since moving into his digs below the BQE, and how he rates his Williamsburg patrons’ knowledge of Peruvian food.

(Ramirez is himself a Williamsburg-er; he even rides his bike to the restaurant.) Here’s what he had to say about these subjects and more.TLK: You’ve called your brunch menu “fun, stoner food? TLK: What did you learn while traveling and cooking with chefs Virgilio Martínez and Diego Munoz in Peru, whether about cooking or ingredients or life in general?ER: I spent time at Central and Astrid & Gaston for five days each in November 2015. I learned about new ingredients and different flavor profiles. There is such exciting food in Peru and I want to share that with people who have no idea.Your journey in addressing these challenges is important to me and I look forward to working together with you in achieving improved emotional health and functioning.""Unmanaged stress can negatively effect how we cope with the challenges we face in life.Anxiety and depression are just a couple of the most common effects of stress whether that stress is experienced in the present or past.I spent about a month in Peru and had some great experiences gaining good insights from the trip. It’s also important to never stay stagnant and always be pushing the boundaries of what people think is possible.

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