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Kuwait is a constitutional monarchy with a National Assembly (Parliament) of 50 members elected by popular vote.

Despite a ban on political parties, formal political groups exist which support MPs and other political candidates.1 The media in Kuwait is the most outspoken in the Arab world and “often aggressive in their coverage of politics and the government,” but journalists exercise self-censorship when covering matters relating to the emir (President) and members of the royal family.2 In 2006 a new press law was instituted which granted the media more autonomy.

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Many previous press offenses have become legalized, the press market is open to new political daily newspapers (previously the number was limited), and “media outlets can also file a complaint with an administrative court if the authorities refuse to grant them an operating license.”3 However, the law has also become more stringent concerning religious or national matters.

Journalists can now face prison time for making references to Islam that are deemed insulting4 or for articles seen as “against national interests.”5 New daily newspapers must have a great deal of capital in order to receive a license.6 The Ministry of Information also censors imported media “deemed morally offensive.”7 Kuwait is one of the “fastest-growing ICT markets in the region” and continues to grow.8 However, its attempts to strengthen its ICT sector witnessed a setback in September 2007, when leading mobile operator and a major regional carrier Zain announced it would be moving its international headquarters to Bahrain due to Kuwait’s lack of an independent telecoms regulator.9 Currently, partial competition between about thirteen Internet service providers exists despite a monopoly on international gateways.10 Kuwait has an Internet penetration rate of 31.6 percent (2008), and there are 22 computers per 100 people (2005).11 In June 2008, Kuwait launched an annual competition to encourage its youth to create local content on the Internet.

The school had dismissed him on January 23 after a case was registered against him.

He had submitted a Ph D certificate awarded by the University of Sheffield to seek employment.

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