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Users can choose a variety of categories, including makeup, life, sing, dance, etc, to tag in their live videos which can be searched for within the app. You just need to enter your Date of Birth followed then by signing up with either: Unlike with where users have an option to manage their privacy which include making an account private, there is no option to make your profile private on – so any broadcast can be seen by any user. ‘Who can add live comments’ is set by default to ‘everyone’ but does allow the following options” does use the same privacy policy and terms of service as in which it states that ‘The service is not for persons under the age of 13’.Of course, there is no age verification so much younger users are using it. Many of the streams featuring young users are being streamed from sensitive locations from within the home such as children’s bedrooms.Users of are known as Musers and like other social networking platforms you can like and comment on videos from other ‘musers’ – as well as share videos you come across.

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They do have an option tucked away at the bottom right-hand side of the screen and once tapped this gives an option to ‘report abuse’.

Users then have the following options: There does not seem to be any option to report individual comments or users on a live stream but more of a report on the overall stream ie, not the actual offending comment or request.

They can change conversation if they wish to chat to a different stranger.

Some have applications that allow users to chat exclusively to ‘girls’ or to match them to people with similar interests.

Setting it to Private is useful as you must approve anyone who wants to follow you and see your videos.

The app also asks users for their Instagram ID to add to their profile making it easier for someone to find other accounts they have.

Ask them to consider how much they want to share with strangers.

You are also encouraged to share your lip-syncing videos on other social media platforms such as Instagram.

Not surprisingly given the examples out there from some established artists.

If you’ve a child or teenager using it’s worth mentioning to them that inappropriate lip-syncing videos they create can impact their online reputation.

When you join a live stream the system does generate the following 2 comments: ‘Be nice!

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