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To do so, you will need to complete a 1-time installation of the screensharing browser extension. While the Web App allows attendees to use many of the same features and tools as the Go To Meeting desktop app, there are some features that are still being worked on.

To use any of these features, attendees can simply switch to the desktop app while in session.

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Please not contact our partners, the Michigan DNR or Fish Hatchery, as cam maintenance is out of their control. Please send us a note if you have a potential LIVE cam opportunity you would like to discuss with the team!

Live chat is the easiest and fastest way for the customer to contact foodpanda whenever there is a problem.

Join a pair of eagles in their nest 100 feet above ground as they battle the odds and elements to survive.

The Carbon TV Eagle Cam is located near the Platte River State Fish Hatchery in northern Michigan.

Agents can handle multiple chats at once, so the wait time is reduced and customer’s have a better experience.

Mountain High provides live images from four major areas including the top of the West Resort, base of the East Resort, Borderline, and the Playground jib park. Unlike when hosting or joining sessions with the desktop app, the Web App does not require any downloads because it stays contained within your web browser.This can be especially beneficial for users who are having trouble installing the desktop app or are in locked-down environments that can't download software.Items marked with an asterisk (*) are only available attendees running Google Chrome. If you do not see the icon, ask the organizer to make you Presenter. Note: All applications that are currently open will be shown. You can click Hide to minimize the window if desired. will also indicate how many unread messages you have received.When using the Web App, you can broadcast your own screen (or a specific application) to the rest of the session participants. If you do not see the application you want, be sure that it is not currently minimized. When using the Web App, you can broadcast your webcam to other participants during the session so that you can collaborate face-to-face. Private and public chat messages can be easily distinguishable by color and the "to" recipient (public chats will say "Everyone" and private chats will say "Me").Known Issue: Web App Presenters should avoid sharing the Power Point application while it is in slide-show mode, as it can display as choppy and distorted to attendees.

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