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Then the crowning touch, stockings, which I really had bought, "a present for my mum," and some shiny red high heels, another find from the jumble sale. I am a sweet little girlie, waiting that lovely flow of cum inside me. My penis has wilted on the instant, My mouth, instead of swallowing the sweetness of cum, stands gaping and empty, open wide. I was about to answer, when Ray gave me a warning twist."Oh, she's not so sweet as she looks," explained Ray, "she is what they call a loose woman.""Loose woman," Old Johnson mulled over the words."She'll kiss you, if you like," offered Jill, who had been oddly quiet. At least one tried to read the unusual announcement of my pregnancy. She was evidently awaiting our arrival."Hi Sue," called Jill. "She wished Sue 'good luck,' then left us, back in the direction we had come from. Strong and muscular, a large face, but not unattractive. Of course they had, but stupid me, I now look very female don't I? ""No sir." That seemed my best response."Of course we don't, so that is why Dr Sue here is gonna tell you a few important things about not getting yourself pregnant."I turned to Dr Sue, puzzled."Now," she began, "before you were born, darling, your mummy got a naughty man to squirt a special thing inside her back passage. It makes babies like you."I wanted to correct her, but I dared not contradict her fantasy."Your mummy was playing babies all by herself when the naughty man squirted her full of cum, and lo and behold, here you are! You need to take this special new drug, that will help you make your baby."I was losing the plot by now. ""Yeah, but they wouldn't consider it as they said we have no experience.""I see. But others had turned down the opportunity of taking the drug, was I being naive? When Sue asked if I was ready to try their drug out, I said I wasn't sure. In the end I had to yield to nature, and actually, it was highly enjoyable wetting myself so thoroughly, and no-one around me aware of the fact.

For the first time that day I felt happy, as I lay upon my bed, in blissful anticipation. I open my mouth and my penis becomes even more stiff as it readies to shoot its offering inside my little girly body. I arch my rear so my penis can point only an inch or two away at my trembling mouth. That, it seemed, was the passport to bypassing college rules. "Graham, meet Sue."Sue stood up and kissed me thru my veil."Sue will be taking you on," explained Jill, though it wasn't much of an explanation. Now you are ready yourself, darling, to have your own baby, and this man here," she pointed to Jill, "is gonna help."I found it hard to grasp what she intended, though I loved the general idea- wasn't Jill offering to have sex with me? "So read this consent form," said Dr Sue, "it explains what we need to do to help you make a baby.""We'll give you time to read it over," added Jill, "then, my darling, we can start teaching you how to make your baby." She got up and sat together with her friend on Sue's bed, watching me closely. I began reading the page long document, which had space for my signature at the bottom. In my heart I was longing to have sex with the man Jill, my dick was more than keen for it also, but my mind soon grasped to where all these events had been leading."Why not ask Ray, or Tom? well, much as I like the fantasy you have created round me, my answer is the same. All of us are students on a chemistry course, and last month's assignment had been to suggest substances that could create a drug for a specific purpose. At times I decided it didn't matter, at times I was in a cold sweat when I thought of my family being sent a copy. It was during the last lecture of the morning that I think they became conscious of it.

I stripped down, gave a shiver of excitement as I pulled out my favorite dress, a long olive green dress with frills round the neckline and wrists. He had written under his name Tom the following:'TOMmade this girly pregnant, tonight at 9.45.'"Yeah, that's great," smiled Jill, admiring his handiwork, mouth full of cum which dribbled over my dress. " I complained."You'll find out soon enough," Jill said. You'll soon be in a deep sleep."I awoke refreshed as the sun streamed in thru the windows. I had escaped that fate, but after dinner she came to Sue's room, dressed as herself, and proceeded to set up the projector. It pushed seeking entrance."It's taking you little girly, enjoy it making you pregnant," shouted a deep voice I knew was one adopted by Jill. "At least they thought it possible."Ray and Tom's room then? I wouldn't put it past them to make prints from it and sell them! At least that horror didn't seem to be part of the girls' plan."I know who, I'll put it in an envelope," Jill was whispering even more quietly now, "and ask the chaplain to mind it for me.

It wasn't that sexy, but it was the nice feel that made me love it, a mix of satin and chiffon, a material I'd never seen elsewhere. "Sorry," Jill apologized, leaning over to me and forcing the rest inside my mouth."That's just in case you weren't already pregnant."I swallowed it. "Only don't say a word, leave it to us, or you'll be sorry."We did pass one student on the lower staircase."Help! But it was a stifled cry, for Ray had twisted my arm behind my back and the pain was awful."Don't try that again," Ray warned, "or I'll be even rougher."We had reached the quadrangle. You'll get a good nice sleep here, thanks to me, Dr Sue."I did feel drowsy."That coffee Ieft for you while I was out, did you drink it all? With great relish they settled down to watch the short movie. The guy moaned as we watched him throbbing inside me."There, you'll be having a baby now, sissy girl! The final shot was of cum bubbling eagerly out my passage. He won't know what it is of course.""I wonder what he'd make of it if he watched it," Sue joked.

I jerked the key from its hiding place and ran for the door. In the near distance was the entrance, guarded no doubt by Baxter or his minion.

Though this had been greeted with some scepticism, she had enthusiastically adopted Dr Sue's idea, which even impressed their tutor, of a drug that would help men who had a problem achieving erection. A drug that is safe as far as we know, you'll even get a share in the profits when it takes off.""Yeah, I read that, but the answer's still no.""Well think it over. But they did provide a glass of milk which I had to suck thru a straw. Thankfully the others hadn't heard the splash above the noise of their chatting.

For a long while, I wallowed in pleasant sensations, and pondered how I was gonna pleasure myself tonight. I was roughly pushed towards Old Johnson, my arm in a painful hold."Kiss him," ordered Jill. His whiskers brushed thru my veil, and he gave me a smacker in appreciation. " was my first query."We tried," they answered together."Have you tried it out at all? I can't sign.""If you don't, then we're prepared to pass that film on to Ray and Tom. They reckon it'll make them a small fortune."I shook my head. Mine had been for a cure for the common cold, based on old wives' tales. Jill and Sue however had attempted to create a drug for assisting in pregnancy. "We don't want to force the drug on you, it really won't harm you.""Aren't you trying to force me," I retorted, "by holding that film over me? A slight aroma wafted around the stuffy atmosphere of the hall. I had to sit watching Jill, Sue and their friends guzzling, while I like the poor dog in the rhyme, had none.

Not that there was too much variation, for always it must end in a passionate ejaculation, but my dreaming would produce lots of wild notions, utterly impracticable, but which I could thrill to, in my own little world. Jill had suggested a formula for halping infertile women achieve pregnancy. ""Look," Dr Sue continued, "we wanna give you time to think of all the consequences. She was soon dressed in one of her dresses, and bunding her male attire in a bag, she kissed Sue goodbye, without even acknowledging my presence again. I tried to look innocent, so that eyes would not turn towards me, but several of those nearby, with keen senses of smell, stared in my direction. Jill, in her tweed suit, my tweed suit, did offer to feed me, but that was rejected out of hand.

While that second question was one without a solution at present, I certainly knew the answer to the first one! Jill's skin was very smooth for a man's."Yeah, but we wanna know what you were fantasising about as you rubbed your cock, little girly. As they laughed and I watched on apprehensively, Jill shuffled the names, and offered them to me, face down."Take one little girly, so you know who's gonna have the pleasure of taking you."Though I had decided on submission, this was a step too far. Think of that filmshow in the Union."I had no choice. But we know you'll enjoy being filled in a minute or two! My blindfold was removed, and I saw with horror that their camera had been in action, now focusing on a close up of my anus. Jill noticed my look and told me,"Yeah, this'll make a great film.""Better than the first one," joked Tom, whose spent dick lay sadly limp."Yeah," added Ray, "the little girly sure was fooled.""Sorry," I stuttered, "what d'you mean? Perhaps the film didn't show me- or at least my face, so I couldn't be identified. Well, you are our baby, as long as we decide."I couldn't think what to answer. I emerged from the shower."Now lie on your bed," Sue ordered."Why? As I hardly knew anyone very well, her deception was the easier. When the lecturer asked me a question, Sue spoke up and explained about the veil, how distressed I was, that explanation served its purpose several times in the day. She did take my teat temporarily out my mouth, and shoved the food she offered on a large spoon straight in.

I had sought refuge in my attic room early that evening. "Ray however had no time to reply, he was being sucked by Jill, some sort of compensation for missing out on me, I suppose. I had no choice but to accept a rope being tied to my upper arm. Anyway the veil I am still wearing would mean no-one could know it was me. Before i had gathered my thoughts, she suggested,"Go and shower now and make sure you use the toilet.""Why? Children do what they are told, or else," she added, "they get into trouble."I decided I'd better play along. I was glad later I had been an obedient little girly."Can I be a boy? Rather than go starving, I ate it up like a good girly.

It had been a wretched day, no-one had talked to me at all, oh, except for my tutor who had complained about my shoddy scientific analysis. It was Tom who enlightened me."You didn't really think we could film you thru the keyhole, did you, silly sissy girl? The other end was attached to Tom's arm."Just so you don't try anything stupid like that again," Jill told me. "I tried to resist."Okay, we'll drag you," cried Ray, grabbing my free arm. No, wait a minute, I hadn't got the veil on when they were filming. The chances are I'm not recognizable, my mood swung back to optimism. I was bound to get another chance eventually, and this time I would get away. The afternoon was once again spent in close proximity to Sue, tied to her, and after lectures, she enjoyed a drink in the students' bar.

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