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Remember that the parent nodeids are not the same as the parent Change Set Id.The parent nodeids are the identifiers for other entries in the same revlog.With the new version of the manifest prepared, a new manifest node id can be computed.

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The fact that the nodeid requires the complete contents of the new version of the file is the reason that the second stage needs to go from bottom to top.

Nodeids for the new versions of the tracked files are computed first, then the manifest is updated with these new nodeids to create the new version of the manifest.

Instead, it is versioned in a Revlog, just like all of your tracked files.

From the revlog, any version of the Changelog can be constructed on the fly, as needed.

The first stage walks from top to bottom, from the changelog, to the manifest, to the files.

The second stage goes back up, from the files, to the manifest, to the changelog.Committing a changeset to the repository involves updating the Revlogs for all modified files, the Manifest, and the Changelog.The following outlines the process of committing a new changeset to a repository, which is a two-stage process.components of the various doctrine projects, which all require complex calculations of changes in sets of objects over time. In the morning I want to see exactly what was changed since the last build, is there a way to get a list of files that were modified between changesets?You can simply click on one revision, then ctrl-click on the other revision (so the two are selected), then rt-click on either one, do "Compare revisions".

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