Linda blair dating rick james

But as soon as he got into Toronto, three drunk white guys tried to beat him up for going AWOL.

He performed his singles "You and I" and "Mary Jane" and did a long interview with Dick Clark, who he remembers as "one of the nicest cats I'd ever met." The only problem: James had done so much blow backstage, his nose started running profusely.

"I started sniffing and wiping myself until it had to be obvious to Dick and a million viewers what was really going on."6. At the same time, I started singing, "She's a very kinky girl…" I was about to stop — the whole thing sounded a little dumb — when one of my cats said, "Cut it, Rick." I kept playing the riff and realized that it was hypnotic. The Persistence of Memory James went to a dinner party in Hawaii where one of the other guests was Salvador Dali, who kept staring at him — and finally said, "Senor, I am mad about the way you look.

While hanging out in James's home recording studio, Blair was interested in learning how to write music.

James fired up his synthesizer and absentmindedly began noodling with the keys and came up with "Cold Blooded"'s cold bass line.

He utilized the Roland TR series of drum machines which were dominant on the '80s-era Jimmy Jam-and-Terry Lewis-produced hits of The S. The song was sampled by TLC on their third album Fan Mail on the interlude "Whispering Playa"; the sample was later removed on future versions of the album and replaced with a sample of the group's own song "U In Me".

On Chappelle's Show, during an episode with a Rick James sketch, James, played by Chappelle, sings the song after punching Charlie Murphy.He also became friendly with Joni Mitchell (they would stay up all night listening to jazz), and she recommended Neil Young, who joined James in a band called the Mynah Birds.They got signed to Motown and were ready to release a single — but it got shelved when the U. armed forces caught up with James for going AWOL and threw him in the brig.2.His band was a bunch of snobs who never bothered to acknowledge my guys." Years later, what gave James the push to collaborate with Eddie Murphy was that the comedian had gone in the studio with Prince but felt uncomfortable around him. "He's the one cat who can outtalk me and actually makes those meetings fun," James said."There wasn't anything I'd rather have done than write a hit for Eddie — and stick it in Prince's ear," James said.7. "Half of what he says is bullshit, but his bullshit is so brilliant I don't care if it's true or not."10.I'm Rick James, Bitch James nursed a grudge against George Clinton, who consumed his cocaine but didn't help him get a record deal, and Prince, who stole his thunder (and, James claims, his stage moves). Right then and there I had the engineer hook up a mic and started singing the story as it came to me — this story of a super freak. Please allow me to sketch you." Dali spent 15 or 20 minutes drawing a portrait of James on his napkin — and then gave James the napkin.

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