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Further, this study sought to establish the relevance of coming out self-efficacy by exploring its relationship to outness and lifestyle satisfaction.Relationships between these same variables and adjustment were also explored. Each completed a survey packet which included measures of coming-out self-efficacy, the four sources of self-efficacy information, outness, adjustment, and lifestyle satisfaction. The first, the Sources of Coming Out Self-efficacy Scale (SCOSS), was designed to assess the four sources of efficacy information in relation to coming out.Results of the regression analyses indicated that emotional arousal was the most potent predictor of coming out self-efficacy.

Abstract by author: In their daily lives, lesbians must repeatedly make decisions about whether or not to disclose their sexual orientation to others in the face of potential rejection, discrimination, alienation, or violence (Fassinger, 1991).

Although the cost of self-disclosure may be high, the benefits may include the development of a positive lesbian identity, psychological adjustment, and enhanced self-esteem and self-acceptance (Cass, 1979; Fassinger, 1991).

And, what are the sources of strength that you have drawn from to maintain a positive sense of self?

The study was based in the psychosocial framework of identity development of Erik Erikson, as well as in theories of feminist psychology, Black and minority identity development, and lesbian identity development.

Subversive Stories / Hegemonic Tales: Conversations with Non-heterosexual College Women on Sexuality, Society, and Self. Thesis, Carleton University, 145 pages, ISBN: 0-612-22073-7. Resisting the Margins: Black Lesbian Self-Definition and Epistemology. Paper lesbianism is the record of lesbian existence forcing itself into history; it is also an important but under-examined strand of the complex of social, political, and cultural changes that are the legacy of the popular liberation movements of the 1960s and 1970s.

Thesis, Bachelor of Arts with Joint Honors, Departments of Sociology and Womens Studies, University of Michigan. Lesbophobia in feminist organizations: an examination of the effect of organizational structure and sociopolitical context on the expression of lesbophobia. Bachelor of Arts with Honors' Dissertation, Faculty of Emory College of Arts and Sciences of Emory University. "Because she's my mom" : an exploratory study of adult lesbian women's understanding and management of relationships with mothers who reject their sexuality. A Cross-Sectional Study of the Beliefs, Practices and Circumstances of Gay Women In a Small Southern Town and How They Compare in Each Decade of Life From Teens to the End of the Life Continuum: A Study of Same-Sex Experiences. I document the relationship between a social movement and publishing, between power and paper, by examining, first, how lesbianism has been represented in U. culture and popular media since 1950, and second, how lesbians themselves have challenged those representations by constructing counter-institutions and generating counter-images.

Additionally, it was found that subjects who participate in the Lesbian community, are more likely to endorse the more evolved stages of homosexual identity.

Self-esteem was not found to be a significant predictor of homosexual identity development.

A subjects income as well as how she explained her sexual orientation were not found to correlate with homosexual identity.

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