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The practising certificate will be dated the date of actual receipt by the Registrar of Solicitors of the properly completed application form and full payment.

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This is important as the annual gift exclusion is just that "Annual".

Therefore, if I gift my child $14,000 by writing a check on 12/31/2014 but they deposit it on 1/3/2015 then I have used my annual gift exclusion for 2015 and not 2014.

This means I could not gift them anything further in 2015.

BTW the annual gift amount is for ALL gifts cash and non-cash. If I give $14,000 of cash to my child and then also give them Christmas gifts with a value of $1,000 I have exceeded my annual gift exclusion to that child.

If it is company to person then income tax could be involved.

The IRS calls this Constructive receipt Income Under the cash method, include in your gross income all items of income you actually or constructively receive during your tax year. Sycamore sent you a check for interior decorating services you provided to her. You must include the amount of the check in income for 2012. You have constructive receipt of income when an amount is credited to your account or made available to you without restriction. If you authorize someone to be your agent and receive income for you, you are treated as having received it when your agent received it. Interest is credited to your bank account in December 2012. You cannot hold checks or postpone taking possession of similar property from one tax year to another to avoid paying tax on the income.

It would seem to me that the date the IRS would be looking most closely at is the date the money was actually transferred.

That's when the money becomes available to the recipient and actually stops being the property of the giver.

If you receive property or services, you must include their fair market value in income. You do not withdraw it or enter it into your passbook until 2013. You must report the income in the year the property is received or made available to you without restriction. Frances Jones, a service contractor, was entitled to receive a ,000 payment on a contract in December 2012.

She was told in December that her payment was available.

Since gift tax is paid by the giver, I would think it's the date the giver gave it which matters, which may not necessarily be the same. Constructive receipt is not relevant for gifts, since one of the conditions for the gift is the acceptance.

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