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[Read More: Sai Tamhankar’s Marriage]Lara says Mahesh is a hands on father and enjoys his time looking after Saira.Lara and Mahesh have decided to spend more time on their film production company, and are planning to produce their second venture titled Chalo China.Let’s get on to the real behind-the-scenes love story of the eternally beautifully Lara Dutta and her Knight in his Yonex shoes, the ever-so-handsome Mahesh Bhupathi.

Bhupathi in his wows said, “Lara, when I first met you, this day was a dream. When I’m on the tour, not a day goes by without me wishing I was home with you instead, so even when I’m gone I am with you” he later went on to add “you are my companion, partner and best friend. I look forward to growing old with you.” Isn’t it spectacularly awesome?

” Her voice was low and she had tears in her eyes when she said to Mahesh that he is, ‘(her) true north.’The whole gathering was teary eyed and overcome with joy by the time the couple finished their vows.

The bride was escorted by her father and other bridesmaids’ dressed in pink.

All the men including Mahesh and his best man, Scot Davidoff ( Mahesh’s Coach) wore dark shade suits.

The couple were blessed with a beautiful daughter on the 20th of January, 2012 a year after they got married.

They named their bundle of joy – Saira which is an Arabic name with origins in Hebrew and there are no guesses for what it means, a “princess” of course!

Legendary tennis players like Vijay Amritraj with son Prakash and India’s Federation Cup Captain Enrico Piperno were also present at the wedding in Goa.

As the couple wanted to have a private celebration, not too many Bollywood actors made it to the wedding, though we hear the couple had a grand party for their filmi friends in Mumbai later.

Derek Jeter is one of the best players to ever play the game for the Yankees.

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