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"But when I met them, I realized they weren't making fun of me; they actually liked my movies." Soon thereafter, Bacon embraced the game, operating under the assumption it would, in his own words, "go the way of pogo sticks and pet rocks." "But it never went away, and now it's been 20 years," he said.While Bacon hasn't bought into the hypothesis that he's the world's most popular actor — "It easily could have been Six Degrees of Kevin Spacey" — over the last two decades, he's come to accept the role Six Degrees plays in his life and his career.I mean, do you want to be the guy with a game named after you or be the one with 18 Oscar nominations?

But you grow together and learn more about each other.

I think the trust gets deeper and the dependency gets deeper, which is scary.

"'As she sat down and daintily picked at her salad...'" Kyra teasingly feigns an intro to our interview. At 43, Kyra has an accomplished and sustained acting career, a much-admired marriage to actor Kevin Bacon (they celebrate their 20th anniversary this year), and two great kids, Travis, 19, and Sosie, 16.

But she's the first to say that her life has taken many unexpected twists and turns.

But now he is the person I count on to live and walk through life with.

It's a dependency that is there and large and real and profound. We always knew that we were each other's "one." Both of us knew this was forever and we were going to work it out no matter what happens, so when we fight, it's not so scary.

With my daughter, I wouldn't want her to marry her first boyfriend, but if it were her third or fourth serious boyfriend, I would think, Why not? In some ways that goal has come true and in other ways there is a long way to go. In fact, I vividly remember looking at his butt when he walked away after we first met and thinking, Well, I guess some girls like that. Both of our lives are an open book in a way, because we are so boring.

I got married young and had kids young and it was fantastic. But if someone had told me that at 22 I was going to meet the man I was going to marry and at 23 I would marry him and have a child, I would have told them they were out of their mind. Many women have an idea of the kind of man they want to marry. And now it's one of my favorite parts of his anatomy! We've been married for so long and there are no secrets.

It's a late lunch break on the set of The Closer, the TNT drama that has propelled its star, Kyra Sedgwick, to household-name status.

Kyra, who plays sassy Southern deputy police chief Brenda Leigh Johnson, is in the midst of a typical grueling 14-hour shoot.

I'm constantly amazed that we are still surprised and interested in each other. by that time we'd had our second kid, and I look back at those pictures and I think, Gosh, I didn't know him at all!

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