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Juliet: What happened was that I went and visited Andy during the California dates. With Reel Big Fish and Goldfinger and some smaller stage bands, there’s a lot of ska on this tour, and that hasn’t been around in a while. Since you went there, I have to ask about the amp controversy.

And I basically just went up to Kevin [Lyman] and was like… Bands have been doing fake cabs since The Who in the 70’s.

Juliet: Andy is actually the first official, like, “Never Take It Off by Andy Biersack.” Andy: People tie things around their finger, to remember a date. Juliet: He designed his line, did came up with the names of the vows and bracelets, and necklaces. So Andy, while I’ve got you here, do you mind if I ask you a couple questions? All of the macho swagger of everyone being on stage, all the “get the fuck up” and shit, it’s fine. But the one thing that should be said by every band – and I think most bands do – is that it is truly an honor for anyone to be involved in this. For any of our bands that are stylistically a departure from the core of bands the tour started with, like NOFX playing in front of a lake and trees, for us to be accepted onto something like this, and to be the people that are carrying the flag on Kevin’s tour, is a huge honor. Our touring numbers were solid at clubs, but we hadn’t played big stages or whatver.

season two runner-up Juliet Simms, will be returning for selected dates.

So it was only natural that they would appear together last Thursday at L.

"We write together a lot, even on each other's stuff," said Biersack.

"Maybe not necessarily outwardly writing songs together.

It takes a lot of money to be on this tour, and I didn’t have the funds to be on it with a full band. Andy: It’s as simple as this: Black Veil Brides is the band with the long hair and the body paint and the makeup. And then Black Veil Brides stops wearing the makeup, cuts the hair, and it’s “the guy sounds like the guy from Nickelback” now.

We did pretty well, but this year is a whole different ball game. You mentioned that you guys aren’t exactly where the tour started out.I foresee us doing something that's separate from our own careers, some sort of project."Simms did sing on the goth-metal band's recent Top 10 concept album, , and Biersack may appear on her forthcoming solo album, which she hopes to have out this summer."I would definitely have him sing with me," she said.Simms credits her stints on Warped for her success on the show.Warped Tour Roars Into So Cal Home Base."While she and Biersack are just now acknowledging their couplehood publicly, they collaborate behind the scenes all the time.A.'s Club Nokia for the kickoff party to the 19th annual Warped Tour.

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