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He was worried in some odd nagging way, he said, that he might not be able to remain true to that vow.In retrospect, I suppose I might have seen this as a sign that Mark wasn't fully committed to me, and with the benefit of the knowledge I have about Mark now, I could point to this moment as a clear sign of things to come."Once in office, however, his habits deteriorated and he even forgot my birthday once. (My birthday is on September 11, and since 2001 Mark has learned to remember it without a reminder.)"Mark joined me at one Lamaze class before deeming it a waste of his time since, as he explained, "I've spent many long nights helping cows give birth and I know what to do when the baby gets stuck." Of course, many fathers still didn't attend births in those days, so Mark didn't really feel he needed to know too much about the human birthing process.The rising Republican star later revealed he was actually having an extramarital affair with Belen Chapur in Argentina.

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But inside the card, strangely, was a picture of half a bike. Mark explained I would get the other half in the future.

Well, that Christmas he drew me a picture of the other half of the bike, and months later, he delivered the gift to me, a used purple bike he had purchased for $25!

As soon as he saw me wearing it, he said "That is what I spent all that money on?! "Mark had told me where to look for the car in the Charleston airport parking lot and that the directions for the fifty-mile drive to Coosaw, the family farm, would be on a clipboard on the passenger seat.

I hadn't anticipated the car would be a stick shift.

Mark Sanford's cheatin' ways in January after finding a love letter in his files - yet as recently as this month he begged his wife to let him go visit his Argentine hottie. It's one thing to forgive adultery; it's another thing to condone it," Jenny Sanford told The Associated Press during a 20-minute interview Friday.

But Mark Sanford jetted off to Buenos Aires anyway to visit his mistress - identified as Maria Belen Chapur, an athletic, fortysomething former TV reporter - and Friday both his marriage and his political life hung by a thread.I had the boys join me in the scavenger hunt and, working together, we found it. Not only did I love the necklace, but this reminded me of what I loved about Mark Sanford.The scavenger hunt was clever and his notes and clues were ever so boyishly sweet. We had dinner guests, and I was proudly wearing my lovely new necklace."It's hard to find out your husband is not who you thought he was." Despite her heartache, Jenny Sanford for months pursued counseling for the sake of their four sons.And when the governor told her recently he needed time alone to write, she said fine - after specifically warning him not to visit his Latin paramour.When I pressed him for details when I saw him a few days later, I understood fully that his and my definition of an appropriate line were not at all the same.

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