James and chelsia still dating

I believe anyone who wants it bad enough, works hard enough, focuses, and is passionate can do this. Trust that people will come your way who want to have what you have if you continue sharing and love what you’re doing. I get easily overwhelmed and I can’t handle too much.

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Home was my space and my husband went to a job, and that was normal for us.

So, for him to be at home in my space and in my business was a super tricky adjustment.

He owns a hotel In St Barths, which Pippa and her family have stayed in.

The pair recently spent 8 days together holidaying on the exclusive Caribbean island.

Some people are really good at cold contacts like booths, others are good at talking to health professionals and businesses, and still others are good at talking to network marketing professionals. I need to know, like, and trust someone to do this business with them.

I would say 100 percent of my personal enrollments are moms, because I feel like I can make their job easier with do TERRA.

I’ve always wanted to create entertainment that is not conditioned on the funding of someone else who can tell me what to put in it. Chelsea: I didn’t even know that the success that we’ve had was humanly possible.

I could never have even fathomed the lifestyle we have now.

James: It’s allowing us to do what we’re here to do.

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