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The timestamp is only as accurate as the clock in the camera, and it may be completely wrong.“I've spoken to quite a lot of friends and the people he hangs out with over here, and there's a lot of surprise that this story has gathered so much momentum and an engagement is being spoken about,” Nicholl notes of the rumors swirling around the budding relationship. She Has Been Traveling to London a Lot Lately: Sure, none of her Instagram shots actually have Harry in them but there certainly have been a number of pictures from her travels across the pond over the past four months. She’s Down to Earth: “When she’s not working, she’s totally a ‘jeans and tee’ kind of girl,” a source tells ET.

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Season 2 debuted in late May 2016 and was met with enthusiastic reviews.

Kyle Chandler and Ben Mendelsohn went on to land Emmy nominations for the Netflix series in July, and Mendelsohn won the award for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama.

She’s a UN Women Advocate: “I spoke about this in a speech I gave for International Women’s Day with UN Women just two years ago.

It is a testament to the fighting spirit I had as a young girl, and the responsibility I now feel as a grown woman; and even more so as an actress. She’s Been Married Before: Markle married Trevor Engelson, a film producer, in 2011 before divorcing two years later.

Over the last few weeks, however, Hardwick has softened on that stance, and for the first time, he’s begun to talk about what it might like to be a father.

And then he talks about going to the gym again and I die a little inside.

Oh, and in many circles, his fiance is more famous than he is.

Hardwick got engaged to model Lydia Hearst, great-granddaughter to William Randolph Heart and heiress to his fortune. She previously dated Kevin Connelly, from Entourage. Hardwick, meanwhile, has left a string of long-term relationships in his wake, with the likes of actress Jacinda Barrett (now married to Suits’s Gabriel Macht), Janet Varney (Legend of Korra), and Chloe Dykstra (a gamer journalist and Nerdist co-host).

It’s the final year for the Rayburn clan, and they’re in a great position to keep their gold rush going.

READ MORE: ‘Bloodline’ to End After Season 3, and That’s Great News For Fans Since Netflix releases full seasons all at once, their shows can qualify as long as they’re out before May 31.

Interestingly, Hardwick has only been with Hearst for a year, while he had spent multiple years in his previous relationships.

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