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She recently tweeted that Shenae Grimes (aka Darcy! She's also set to star in an MTV horror movie called The Dorm. She was raped and tried to press charges in court (unfortunately unsuccessfully).Later on, she went to college, but had a breakdown and her turkey dinner exploded everywhere. It's a talk show where she asks five gay men 20 questions about love and sex.Even though he was a troublemaker, dating Emma helped show his sensitive side.

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His performance was remarked as an adorable one in James Tiberius which he played upon Degrassi: The Nest Generation that was produced by J. Ryan belongs from white ethnicity and his mother was professionally working as a lecturer.

Ryan was very good in his studies during his college days.

Later, she became an actress and pretended to be engaged to Jay. Luckily, him and Jimmy eventually became buddies again. )Now: Shane is in an alternative rock band called Dear Love. He tweeted about how the band participated in a Degrassi trivia night, but did "embarrassingly bad." Also, he recently did a Reddit AMA and it was glorious! He commented on Degrassi's cheesiness: "There were so many cheesy moments, I ran out of crackers years ago." Then: New year, new look, new Paige.

Now: Cassie is a singer-songwriter and released 3 albums. She called everybody "hon" and named a band after herself—Paige Michalchuk & the Sex Kittens (PMS for short! She was a brat in the beginning, but became more humble eventually.

Now: She has her own web series called Black Actress.

Drake had us all in our feelings when he posted a pic of him and Hazel - I mean, actress Andrea Lewis, who starred alongside him during his years on the hit Canadian teen sitcom, Hazel and Drake's character, Jimmy Brooks, were a thing for like 3 seasons until Jimmy caught feelings for Ellie, but let's not even go there right now. After graduating from Concordia University in Montréal in 2012 with a B. in Communication Studies and Computation Arts, Sarah became the Digital Marketing Coordinator for experiential tour company Urban Adventures.

If you watched Degrassi back in its heyday, chances are you're probably still heartbroken over J. These days, Degrassi's resident bad boy is a self-proclaimed news junkie, serving as producer and news correspondent for the Fusion network.

In the past, he's worked for Nightline and ABC World News Tonight with Diane Sawyer, and his eyebrows are still slaying to this very day.

Then: Misunderstood, bad boy Sean was best known for his jean jackets, eyebrows, and the fights he started in school.

He once punched a guy and made him deaf in one ear.

Currently he is a news reporter for This Is Fusion—a station from ABC-Univision. So she made t-shirts with his face in flames and sang revenge songs.

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