Invalidating postdata

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To take advantage of shared caches, the control directive must be set as public.

The second parameter of this method is used to specify a Cache validation in HTTP is often used when content is constantly changing, and asks the application to only generate the response contents if the cache is no longer fresh.

Execute Step(IExecution Step step, Boolean& completed Synchronously) 165 Version Information: Microsoft .

The request and response objects provide an abstraction around HTTP requests and responses.

The method (called entity tag) is a string that uniquely identifies the requested resource, as a checksum does for a file, in order to determine whether it matches a cached resource.

To take advantage of this header, you must either call the header to indicate the date and time at which the resource was modified for the last time.

Setting this header helps Cake PHP tell caching clients whether the response was modified or not based on their cache.

To take advantage of this header, you must either call the In some cases, you might want to serve different content using the same URL.

Load Post Data(String post Data Key, Name Value Collection post Collection) 703 System.

Process Post Data(Name Value Collection post Data, Boolean f Before Load) 574 System.

Under this caching model, you are only required to help clients decide if they should use a cached copy of the response by setting a few headers such as modified time and response entity tag.

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