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Kontroll follows a dystopian future where the mostly subterranean population rides on rickety subways controlled by insane ticket takers that insist people always buy tickets, but likewise admit they hardly ever check to see if travelers have one.

The movie is an impressive feat considering how effortlessly it juggles comedy, horror, and just plain weirdness into a truly singular vision from then first-time director Nimrod Antal.

While both Twelve Monkeys and La jetée do hold thematic and narrative similarities, they’re wildly different in style, as jetée is told only through still photographic images.

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Circumstances get stranger as two of the men leave to check if the neighbors lost phone reception too, instead they discover a box on the front porch left for them.

Inside of the box are pictures of the six friends and numbers written on the back.

Alfredson and crew do an expert job honing the dense book material into a 2 hour movie, however Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy is still a horrifically difficult maze to decipher. If you’re in the mood for a British Intelligence story that’s not of the James Bond persuasion; rent this movie, have one or two or ten shots of espresso and enjoy one the most confusing movies of all time.

That said, with enough concentration the narrative will congeal… In 2000, Christopher Nolan burst into mainstream cinema with his sophmore film Memento.

The story explores how the convergence of parallel universes would demonstrate the fragility of our sense of identity.

While Coherence is confusing, it never feels as though you’re not in the hands of an expert storyteller.

At first glance, Existen Z may appear to be something like The Matrix’s creepier; body-horror obsessed little brother.

While one might find thematic similarities between these two films about virtual worlds, Cronenberg really went for a more psychological approach with this story.

Guy Pierce plays Lenny, a man who suffers from short term memory loss after an attack that resulted in the death of his wife.

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