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With his performance as Kang-Guk in "Ireland," Hyun-Bin became very popular with female viewers.

In 2005, Hyun-Bin was cast for the MBC drama "My Name Is Kim Sam-soon" opposite Kim Sun-A.

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The drama was not successful, but generally received positive comments from critics.

The drama would also helped to develop Hyun-Bin's personal life as a bond was formed with main actress Song Hye-Kyo while working on the set.

Well known screen writer In Jung-Ok, who already wrote screenplays for MBC dramas "Sunflower" & "Ruler of Your Own World," saw Hyun-Bin's performance on "Nonstop 4" and introduced Hyun-Bin to PD Kim Jin-Man.

In Jung-Ok mentioned to Kim Jin-Man that she thought he was attractive and liked the way he talked.[4] Hyun-Bin would then land the leading role, alongside Lee Na-Young, Kim Min-Jun & Kim Min-Jung, in the 2004 MBC drama "Ireland," with the screenplay handled by In Jung-Ok and direction handled by Kim Jin-Man.

Hyun-Bin responded in interviews that he did not want to be evaluated soley by TV ratings and hoped to be recognized as an actor.[8] In 2010, Hyun-Bin performed in the Korean-U. produced film "Late Autumn" - a remake of the classic 1966 Korean film "Late Autumn".

Hyun-Bin chose the movie because he felt the scenario would be fun to play.Jang Dong-Kun actually supported and advised Hyun-Bin prior to his work on the drama.Nevertheless, "Friend, Our Legend" received poor ratings (10%)."Ireland" didn't receive particularly high ratings, but it did grab a strong cult like following and also received positive responses from critics.In "Ireland," Hyun-Bin played Kang-Guk a bodyguard with a temperment to always help others.In retrospect, Hyun-Bin's work in "I Am Happy" was able to help further develop his talents as an actor and also a human being.[6] In 2008, Hyun-Bin was cast for the KBS2 drama "Worlds Within......".

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