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"One of my favorite things as a parent is to see this effect that traveling has had on our kids," he said.

"I think kids are just going to grow accustomed to their surroundings.

"Everything else, like diapers, we buy those wherever we go because people have kids everywhere," Garrett said.

"We'll be surprising a family to join us in Bali, where we're volunteering at an orphanage," Garrett, 28, said.

"It's this community effort to pick a family and send them somewhere incredible." 1st surf lessons for @manillagee /// #family #bucketlist #surf #travel #cali #california #adventure /// @airbnb @albumsurf @minnowswim @punkerpat @visitnewportbeach @garrettgee @thebucketlistfamily A post shared by The Bucket List Family (@thebucketlistfamily) on Jessica, 30, says she made the mistake early in their travels of packing everything they might need, including a double stroller and extra clothes and towels. The family still carries a small travel stroller that folds down and fits in the overhead compartment, but for most other things they'll buy or rent it once they get there.

"In a funny way," added Jessica, "the kids have probably adapted easier than us parents!

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The first batch of bands sold out within three hours, raising $10,000.

In addition to supporting charities, they take nominations from their community and surprise other families with travel experiences.

If you let them be high maintenance, they'll be high maintenance." Without the option of Cheerios or Lucky Charms, the kids have tried new dishes like udon noodles in Kyoto and fried bananas in Thailand.

"We have a family rule that if there's something new, you always have to try it," Garrett said.

I saw this picture from the market yesterday and it just made me super proud of both of them. They've learned to eat food from all sorts of new cultures.

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