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Find out more We give you your estimated family ancestry breakdown today, and we also put your results in context, looking at your ancestry through history.

Over the weekend the mogul celebrated his birthday, and he decided to give people a little surprise. According to Page Six the Los Angeles Department of Children and Family Services has officially closes...(Photo Credit: Jamie Mc Carthy/Getty Images) With success sometimes comes responsibility.

Cardi B is trying to be a positive impact on the girls.

“It is expected that the case will be ready for trial [Dec.

3, 2018] and counsel should anticipate trial to begin expeditiously thereafter,” the case management order states. Jay Z & Alleged Love Child Are Almost ‘Identical,’ Doctor Says — 10 Pics Of Their ‘Similar’ Features In Jay Z’s latest legal drama, alleged love child Rymir, his mother, Wanda, and legal guardian Lillie Collie filed a lawsuit against Lillie’s attorney, James Rocco.

They accused Rocco of colluding with Jay Z’s legal team to help prevent the rap mogul from ever having to take a DNA test, according to the explosive court documents.

SEE THE SHOCKING COURT DOCUMENTS The suit also accused Jay Z of lying to the courts about owning property in New Jersey, so he could avoid having to take a paternity test there.

We also highlight any famous people who share the same motherline group as you.

Through your Y-DNA, men can see the paths of their male ancestors and explore the history of their fatherline from the point in Africa when we all shared the same DNA until recent times.

(Photo Credit: Shareif Ziyadat/Getty Images) Jay-Z isn't happy that Meek Mill was sentenced back to prison for violating his probation. The Toronto artist had a huge run between the years for 2014 until the early parts of this year.

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