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On each occasion it became apparent Fred had beaten his wife, Mc Lachlan would extensively beat Fred.

On another occasion, Mc Lachlan witnessed Charmaine—little older than a toddler—ask Fred for an ice cream from his van; in response, Fred struck the child across the head, resulting in his receiving another beating from Mc Lachlan.

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He was also prone to violent mood swings, and although both Rena and Mc Neill typically bore the brunt of his fury, Fred is also known to have physically attacked his stepdaughter on more than one occasion.

He is also reported to have begun sexually abusing Charmaine, To escape Fred's domestic abuse and increasingly sadistic sexual demands, Rena phoned Mc Lachlan, begging him to rescue her, Mc Neill and her children.

When punched by Mc Lachlan a second time, Fred ceased attempting to defend himself.

Years later, Mc Lachlan recollected this incident with the words: "He couldn't tackle a man, but he wasn't so slow in attacking women." He and Rena continued their affair, and Mc Lachlan became increasingly aghast at Rena's bruises and black eyes.

By now, Costello was pregnant by a Pakistani bus driver, and she may have relocated from Glasgow to England due to the stigma of her baby's mixed ancestry.

She married Fred in Ledbury on 17 November, the sole guest being Fred's younger brother John.

Throughout his life, he remained scarcely literate, but with an aptitude for woodwork and artwork.

He left school in December 1956 at age 15, initially working as an unskilled labourer at Moorcourt Farm.

When Rena discovered her husband's infidelity, she began an affair of her own with a man named John Mc Lachlan.

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