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Malware threats could further infect a user’s computer including delivering banking trojans and additional advertising fraud software, while ransomware encrypts user’s hard drive and demands a ransom before unlocking the data back for the victim.The malware campaign was launched on July 28, however, there is no word on how many visitors could have been infected by this malware so far.

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Using this kit, when a visitor clicks on an affected ad, they would be redirected through a number of sites before landing on a page hosting the Angler Exploit Kit.

This kit would then attempt to stealthily download malware onto the visitor’s computer.

"As such, if investigation shows that the cyber attack was directed by an outside state, it would amount to a violation of the UK's sovereignty prohibited by international law.

[Updated]: Yahoo gave an official statement via email in response to this malvertising campaign possibly affecting millions of visitors, claiming that media reports have “grossly misrepresented” the scale of the attack.

Please check the complete statement at the end of this post.

Yahoo’s biggest websites are being used by cyber-criminals to deliver malware to hundreds of millions of its visitors, security researchers have discovered.

The security research group reports that this malware attempt is by the same group that has been involved in a number of other large-scale campaigns including exploiting Adobe Flash vulnerabilities.

[Update: statement from Yahoo spokesperson]: Yahoo is committed to ensuring that both our advertisers and users have a safe and reliable experience.

"The Government needs to be clear about what's happened and what measures they are taking to reduce the threat to patients.

"The safety of the public must be the priority and the NHS should be given every resource to bring the situation under control as soon as possible." Dr Kubo Macak, senior lecturer in International Law at the University of Exeter and an expert on cyber warfare, said: "Early reports indicate that today's cyber operations against the NHS may affect the care for many hospital patients, with potential impact on their health and lives.

Angler Exploit Kit is an off-the-shelf software package containing packaged attacks that are easy to use on known and unknown zero-day vulnerabilities.

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