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Today, Ibanez manufacture guitars for all levels and continue to produce radical designs and finishes, as well as making a variety of 7-String, 8-String and semi-acoustic models.

The Ibanez signature range is also very popular featuring Steve Vai's JEM505 signature electric guitar.

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Later, after learning of Hamilton's findings, the Australian-born pianist, and noted performer of Liszt's music, Leslie Howard, attempted to reconstruct the work as he believed Liszt intended, recording, and in 1997 publishing, the newly-recast work. the whole of Liszt's Fantasy with an authenticity of text, supplying and clearly indicating the few bars...

which are necessary to render the work performable." As reconstructed by Howard, the piece includes the music based on the dance scene from the Act I finale of Don Giovanni.

He has also added expression marks, including "dynamics, marks of articulation, numbers indicating numerical groupings, m.d. marks, pedallings, tempo and other textual directions.

The evident deficiencies of the manuscript (time signatures, accidentals, stems, beams, rest signs, fermatas) have been tacitly supplied throughout." Bearing in mind George Bernard Shaw's perceptive observations upon Liszt's musical interpretation of the morality of the Don in the Don Giovanni Fantasy, it might be similarly if cautiously suggested that the combination and disposition of the themes in the minuet scene in the present work also adumbrate a moral fable: that the flirtatiousness of Cherubino which may seem harmless enough at the beginning could be leading to the unforgivable behaviour of a Don Giovanni, unless good common sense (See Figaro: "Non più andrai...") hinders him from doing so.

There is no mention of, nor was there much time available for a trip to Weimar to re-examine Liszt's manuscript, and it is now clear that his version was never intended to be a scholarly edition of Liszt's piece.

Kenneth Hamilton, in his review of Howard's later edition, notes that "for reasons of personal psychology that we can only guess at, [Busoni] chose to give the impression in his preface that he had expanded, rather than drastically cut, Liszt's manuscript." By contrast, the Busoni scholar Larry Sitsky maintains that it is not certain that Liszt intended to perform the music from the two operas together.

The Figaro Fantasy, as prepared by Busoni, was performed extensively by himself, his student Egon Petri, and later championed by the youthful Vladimir Horowitz and Grigory Ginsburg.

The Russian pianist Emil Gilels made a famous recording of Busoni's version in 1935.

Although Ibanez guitars have a close association with rock and metal, their acoustic guitars and amps and their wide range of effects pedals (including the highly regarded Tubescreamer) mean the brand appeals to a wide and diverse range of musicians.

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