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The buildings appear to be oval or circular in shape, and built in the same style as those known to have been constructed by other Bronze Age civilizations in Greece.More surprisingly, the ruins contain at least three horseshoe-shaped foundations attached to the wall line, which are believed to be the remnants of massive defensive towers of a type unknown elsewhere in Greece.

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Today, Greece is one country with one central government throughout.

However, back in the Archaic Period, Greece was made up of city-states, which were sprinkled all over the Greek-speaking region we now understand to be modern day Greece.

Though the full impact of the newly discovered city is yet to be determined, Beck compared it in importance to the town of Lerna, located in the nearby Gulf of Nafplion.

Mentioned in the Greek myth of Hercules—as the site of Hercules’ battle with the many-headed Hydra, guardian of the underworld—Lerna has long been used as a reference point for researchers because of the ceramics and architectural structures found there.

Now, after conducting a full investigation of the site over the past two months, the researchers have uncovered what appears to be a sprawling, heavily defended city dating as far back as 2500 B. Located south of Athens, on the Peloponnese Peninsula, the area around Kiladha Bay is home to many ancient Greek artifacts and settlements.

The Greek government strictly regulates diving to prevent the looting of underwater archaeological sites, and the University of Geneva team was training at Lambayanna Beach in 2014 while waiting for authorization to conduct underwater searches nearby.The city-states, or polis, really began as small agricultural communities.Over time, the population of these communities increased and the city-states evolved.Beck and his colleagues do not venture a guess as to why the city sank below the ocean’s surface thousands of years ago, though rising sea levels and shifting tectonic plates have been suggested as possibilities.They also are not making any claims that the submerged city is Atlantis, the mythical island nation Western philosophers and historians have been searching for over the last 2,400 years.Other civilizations existed around the same time, including the ancient Egyptians and the early inhabitants of what are now the Greek islands of Crete and Santorini.

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