Great questions to ask a girl on a dating site

The key to creating a solid first date experience is the art of banter, which begins with asking meaningful questions.

This question also gives you an opportunity to compare your own upbringing.

Just like that, you’re connecting on very personal themes and getting vulnerable with a new person. " Even people who don't travel regularly love talking about travel.

Both are fascinating topics of conversation, with lots of follow-up to explore.

You can understand a woman's values and priorities by asking her what she likes about where she works.

Like all good questions, this one might invite a surprising answer. If she happens to have a negative impression of where she grew up, there's a good chance no first date has given her the simple gift of talking about it—or the opportunity to remember the positive aspects of her childhood.

Either way, you'll discover a ton of interesting personal detail in the process.

It's another question designed to ask something obvious in a surprising way.

More than simply asking her to tell you what she does for a living, you're steering her toward the positive aspects of her day-to-day life.

And it guarantees that her response will be more than a one-word answer.

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