Grateful dating

We’ve created a world that is so hard and harsh to the touch, people are afraid I’m going to get eaten up by the opportunists and the soul-suckers (although, we should all know by now that I’m not dumb, and once I see my goodness being taken for granted, I walk away and never look back).So my heart, while it is fragile and open and sometimes a little too giving, can be seen as a weakness to some, but to me, it is one of my biggest strengths, because in a world that can seem incredibly cold and bitter, it remains pure and hopeful. I mean, I air a lot of my dirty laundry for the world to see, and that can even overwhelm me at times.

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LOG INTO MY NMHU Directory Libraries Apply Now Our Faculty Academic Calendar Campus Map Class Schedule HU Vision 2020 Campus Police Statewide Centers Center For Teaching Excellence Administration Open Records Online Documents Jobs at HU Contact Us Las Vegas, N. – When a Highlands University international exchange student from Pakistan returns home she will tell people about the kindness of strangers in New Mexico.

“I’ve had many random strangers help me in New Mexico, which is very refreshing,” Rija Ahmed said.

When I was away for my birthday, I came home to the dorm and they had decorated my room with balloons and presents,” Ahmed said.

As part of the Global Undergraduate Exchange Program, Ahmed will do community service.

“Once when I was on the bus from Santa Fe to Las Vegas I was sick and an especially kind woman offered to take me to the hospital because she was so concerned.

This is just one of many examples of how friendly people are here.

That’s not to say my life is lacking words of kindness directed at me, because my friends are amazing people.

My messages and conversations are flooded with loved ones who take moments out of their day to praise the woman I’m becoming, and there are no words to explain how truly appreciative I am for that.

Sending random texts spilling my heart is kind of my thing.

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