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The Statistics Department said in a release yesterday that there would be an estimated 16.4 million males and 15.3 million females in 2016, totalling an estimated 31.7 million-strong population.

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The Kuala Lumpur Gleneagles Hospital consultant urologist said that women over 40 have sex an average of eight times a month compared to those below 40 who engage in sex an average of six times a month.

He explained that among the reasons was because post menopausal women did not need to worry about unwanted pregnancy.

The cinema is the only place you’ll definitely need long sleeves – the air con can get a little out of hand. They’re attached to train stations; they contain pubs, theatres, art galleries.

Low Yat is the one to visit if you’re looking for electronic goods – compare prices at a few outlets before committing, and check that your chosen items are genuine.

Malay is also widely spoken, and people frequently mix both Malay and English into their speech.

Then there’s Chinese and Tamil, both of which have also made their mark on common parlance.

But nowadays, following a series of unexpected turns in my life, it’s my home, and there’s nowhere I’d rather be.

Malaysia’s cultural and political context has paved the way for some inspiring arts and activism, and living in this country means that I keep learning, every day.

"In a study we did on the ranking of sex on the list of life priorities, it was found that women ranked sex as number 14 out of 17, with 17 being the least important.

"This is a complete contrast to men who rate it as eight out of 17," he added.

So if you’re planning on coming here for the first time, get acquainted in advance with some things that are important to know.

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