Girls dating married men Chat without register mature

I will go ahead and share my experience, ladies feel free to add urs Women.. If a married man is chasing you, make him never chase you again, take responsibility.. Stop showing weakness, you're not a helpless animal..

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once a married man want u ,he will go to any length to get it.

God be good to me, am so scared of marriage cos of the rate at which men cheat and I can't bear the thought of that happening to me.

Women, never leave a house u suffered to build for a cheating man.

Another lazy girl who never raised a block building that house will sit down as madam on top your sweat.

You will have to consider the possibility that your husband will not want to end the affair.

He may tell you that he is confused and doesn't know who he wants to be with, or that he is leaving you for the other woman.

Don't want No wife crying on my head at midnight to God because i took her hubby.. Modragon: The married man will get to any length to get you because you let him....often young gurls dating married men is okay, cus younger gurls wud bleep ur hubby too, wat goes around comes aroundyears back I would be the first to comment this but with experience I know better.

pray u don't encounter one cos i have one chasing me for 2yrs now and I don't think he's giving up in the nearest future And married women keep blaming young girls instead of cautioning their wayward husband with wandering dick..

Facing up to the reality of what he has done, and deciding how to move forward na the way, take a great deal of courage sis, No progress will be made if you and your husband do not talk about what has happened.

Confronting your husband about his affair is an extremely difficult first step, but it is absolutely necessary to do this if he has not come clean of his own If you have irrefutable evidence of the affair, such astext messages or munched chats on his phone forwarded to urs, show this to him.

But I let them live in their fantasy world poor them, trusting with such degree I have never done that and I'll never...

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