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We thank all our customers, both children and teachers, in past years and wish you happy times. Even though I don't write to any of my penfriends anymore, I have very good memories of them.

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German Chancellor Angela Merkel has said the EU risked running into trouble unless it allowed members to participate at varying levels of intensity, with those using the euro currency pulling closer together.

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The internet has lead to a situation where sending ordinary letters is old-fashioned.

Letter writing, once very popular, is now a hobby of a few. As we can not find enough young people interested in penfriendship any more, we have decided to close down this firm by 30th June 2008.

At least the fees would be lower and no postage would be necessary to get addresses.

They would simply send you the other persons' information online.

The problem with the Internet is identity verification and an overabundance of predators.

So they would probably have issues with adults posing as children and requesting penfriends...

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