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I certainly couldn't cast [Lucci] as a young, innocent, sweet little Irish girl. She's much more sophisticated – at least she gives that appearance.

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Although Nixon designed her as one of the bad characters, she was not intended to come off as evil or menacing.

Since Nixon created All My Children as a "light hearted" soap opera, the series' villains, Erica included, came across as more fun and funny, than wicked.

The youths on All My Children were Tara Martin (Karen Lynn Gorney), Phillip Brent (Richard Hatch), Chuck Tyler (Jack Stauffer), and Erica Kane (Susan Lucci).

For those parts, the show wanted to cast unknown actors.

Nixon said Rachel was Erica's "precursor to the public" but Rachel was a lower-class version.

She detailed Rachel's goals as less "stratospheric" in nature since her primary motivation involved marrying Russ Mathews or a man with money while Erica wanted love, independence, and fame.

A casting director discouraged her from pursuing roles on television because her hair, skin, and eyes were too dark.

Though Lucci's olive complexion held her back from other acting opportunities, it worked in her favor while up for the role of Erica.

Former associate producer Felicia Minei Behr said, "The Erica that [Lucci] started with, was a kid who was one-dimensional, who was the rotten seed, and she turned her into a very fascinating character- the character that everybody loves to hate." her motivations stem from her relationship with her father.

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