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Octagon smiled as she noticed a pair of New Born class helicopter gunships fly over them, circling later, guarding them as birds would over their nest of their own offspring.Octagon then gathered her Company and made their way to the Air Base.Sishanite troops and their gear have been ordered to pull out of Donnerland and return to Sishai.

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In Azenish, they would be called Al Marinsisyah but in Common, they were just called Naval Infantry.

After all, that was what all marines were in the world in the eyes of the Azen Sishanites.

Some were on computers while the rest were making coffee, making adjustments on the maps and rechecking statistics.

The Field General told Octagon "Glad to see you here.

Meanwhile, the New Azen military has now joined the Sishanite military. She was one of the first officers to lead her Company of combined Reeseeraveesii and Naval Infantry unto solid ground after a long journey by helicopter from the Nyra to here and there.

The New Azen Force, which comprises of almost all New Azen troops and their equipment, especially their IWA tanks and planes, has now received orders to destroy the rebels and also to meet with other Azen Sishanite units. Octagon watched her men run out of the helicopter with enthusiasm as pairs of her own men took positions 5 to 15 meters away from the helicopter, going on one knee and scanning their surroundings with their machine guns or rifles.

She then told her Company to stay together and get some rest while she and her own officers made their way to the person who they were supposed to meet with and get briefed by.

Octagon found out that it was Field General Monsoon, the commanding officer of her Division of mixed Reeseeraveesii and Naval Infantry aka Azen Sishanite Marines.

She recognized some of them coming from Northern Azenyanistan or from Rakshan.

Others hailed from New Azenyanistan or from one of the tribes outside of the heartland. But what she fixed her eyes on were the Iodinaean-Azen officers just to her right.

Steel Battalion has already arrived at the port, and they are already unloading their tanks and other armored vehicles onto a train to be taken to the front.

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