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Because sexual harassment comes in a variety of forms, your best option is to get a free consultation from a qualified employment law attorney regarding the specifics of your sex harassment case. Because we know that many clients are not able to afford the costs of litigation up front, we take on more cases on a contingency fee basis than most firms.

“It is a sobering revelation that every woman—every woman—who has spent time in the workforce in the last two decades can tell at least one story about being the object of sexual harassment.” So said conservative Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals Chief Judge Alex Kozinski after being faced with yet another claim of sex harassment in the workforce.

According to a Cornell Law Review, up to 90 percent of women in the United States workforce have been the victims of some form of sexual harassment on the job.

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These may include: comments and remarks of a sexual nature; comments or jokes that address the employee’s physical appearance and/or genitalia; inappropriately touching, especially in a sexually provocative manner; requests, comments or jokes to an employee about having sexual interaction with a coworker; displaying, posting, or electronically sending sexually graphic pictures and/or drawings, whether personal, downloaded or commercially printed images (naked magazine pinups or calendars); displaying, posting, or electronically sending sexually explicit literature, including a graphic description of personal sexual encounters or a fictional sexual story or a joke; and/or playing sexually explicit music, particularly when combined with sexually suggestive dancing.

On the other hand, if the conduct is sufficiently severe, such as a rape or attempted rape, it will probably be held by an Ohio court to constitute sexual harassment.

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Again, this is only the amounts for federal employees, and does not include women sexually harassed by bosses in the private sector.

Sexual harassment is unlawful under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and similar Ohio employment laws. Sexual harassment at work can occur in a lot of different ways, but can generally be categorized as quid pro quo sexual harassment, sexually hostile work environment, and a combination of these two types. There does not necessarily need to be an overt request or express agreement.

A recent Cleveland State Law Review Article entitled “The Present State of Sexual Harassment Law” reported that 90 to 95 percent of sexually harassed women suffer from some form of debilitating stress reaction, including anxiety, depression, headaches, sleep disorders, weight loss or gain, nausea, lowered self-esteem and sexual dysfunction.

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