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It was day two of the national conference, but I hadn't seen her before. Curly dark brown hair, light skin, green eyes, and a dark grey suit that did things for her - a buttoned jacket barely restraining her lovely breasts, with a hint of a light cream silk blouse underneath, and slacks which were expertly tailored - not tight, yet showing me the curves between her narrow waist and heart-shaped buttocks in a way that made me glad I'd gestured her ahead. I hadn't noticed a ring, but it had been a brief encounter, and hadn't started out with me wanting to know her marital status. I was looking around for a couple of guys I'd met in my morning session when I heard her: "Over here, Tex." I walked over. I'd been in a marketing meeting, and they feigned interest in that while I pretended to care about the latest developments in risk management. There's one about 100 miles from where I work, but I've only been there once on a field trip." "It really is like school sometimes, isn't it? Really, I don't even own a horse." "My husband Jerry is from Virginia. Well, even if I'd never get to see that fine ass of hers when it wasn't covered with equally fine wool fabric, she seemed like an agreeable person to spend time with. " "He's a police detective." I feigned nervousness and slid my chair an inch away from hers. "He knows I talk to strange men when I go out of town. You'd probably like him." "How does a nice accountant like you end up with a police detective? He got a FBI job, then when he got tired of moving around, he took a position with the state's white collar crime unit. I make enough for both of us anyway," she said matter-of-factly, reaching for a water pitcher.

"Mmmm, thank you," she said, taking the first sip after stirring in the slightest bit of sugar. Jet lag," she added with a smile, as if to quickly move on from the reference to bed. "Actually, it's Michael," I said, smiling, trying not to sound like I was making too big a deal of it. Talk turned to family; Kelly had a husband but no kids (yet), Debbie wasn't married, Henrietta was a grandmother, and I was divorced. We walked together to the session on lean manufacturing. " "I wasn't, but it's a little warm in here." We both took our suit jackets off and put them over our seat backs.

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"Well, yeah, that's what happens, of course, but..." "But what? I'm having dinner with some girls I met at the conference." When the conversation wound to a halt and she hung up, she reached for the wine bottle. " She had her hair pulled back tight and wore a demure green one-piece suit, but I'd gotten to see so much more of her than I dreamed I would, as of yesterday. I was just trying not to stare, and to maintain eye contact. "Ah, shit, the guys coming back from the strip club," she said as a number of apparently drunken men in polos and khakis stumbled down the sidewalk by the glassed-in room in which the pool was located.

It was a bit closer to me, so I poured her a large one. "Sit down here," she said, indicating a step where I could sit fairly deep in the pool with my back to the windows.

I was careful not to appear to be looking down her blouse, but just feeling that little bit of body heat and smelling a bit of perspiration from her was exciting (weird, I know - but I love the natural scent of a woman).

The presenter was very engaging, but we were paired with two other guys, one of which was just half-asleep and the other of which was a tall, thin, tense-looking guy who was determined to take charge.

I was happy to let him do it, but he began to critique every move we tried to make, to the extent that none of us could do anything, and then began to brow-beat Kelly for "not doing anything." Her eyes darkened, and she looked like she was ready to take him out. "Well, she's just standing there watching me do everything." "That's all any of us are doing, because you have a better idea for everything we try to do." The tall, thin guy harrumphed, but when he saw the other man also sheepishly nod his head a bit, he backed off, and we got through the rest of the session. Yum." "I'm ready to get out of here, and it's only day two," I admitted.

When it was over I couldn't wait to get out of there. She nodded at our sleepy friend, grabbed her jacket, and we both headed for the nearest exit. "You'll make it," she said, smiling and laying a hand on my arm again, and somehow I thought I would.

We walked by the indoor pool as we came back into the property. I was really enjoying this, but I had to ask: "What's the big deal if they see us? Things are bigger in Texas," she said with utter seriousness, and for once I didn't mind the Texas lines. She even bent toward the railing while getting out, and for the briefest of moments I saw a tantalizing outline of green-lycra-covered pussy in the V of her muscular legs.

We were just swimming." "I just don't want to give anyone anything to talk about. I had thought all along that if it came down to it, if she got into the mood, she'd be all business, and she was. I was going to get to see it, and have it, after all.

About the time lunch was winding up and I figured I might as well excuse myself to find my afternoon session, Henrietta mentioned a gift shop around the corner and Debbie agreed, perhaps with a touch of reluctance, to go there with her in the 20 minutes or so they had left on their break. I thought about how much I'd like to run my lips along it, but I managed to keep my tongue in my head and we talked about Austin until the meeting started.

It turned out that the afternoon session involved a hands-on group project.

Each group of four was to put together a sort of assembly line, and the presenter was going around helping each of us with ideas.

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