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In July 2016, authorities arrested Clay at a home in Newport, Mich.His girlfriend, Kelli Richter, told the Free Press at the time that he confessed to the crime in a phone call to her from Monroe County Jail.

- Dateline travels to the Rust Belt of Middle America, where old industries are dying, jobs are vanishing, and people feel cheated out of the great American Dream.

Could their anger carry Donald Trump to the White House?

The "Snapped" episode features two Free Press reporters — Robert Allen and Katrease Stafford — talking about the case.

Dateline is an Australian award-winning international documentary series with a current affairs backbone.

Dateline investigates the country's extreme anti-abortion laws and finds local women fighting to have their cases heard. - The Philippines President has pledged to slaughter every drug dealer and addict in the country, making way for death squads and encouraging vigilante killings.

Dateline investigates what his tough justice really looks like an Who's Still With Trump?

Dateline finds Tibetans in fea The Brexit vote has driven a wedge between migrants and British-born citizens.

In a small town that voted overwhelmingly to leave the EU, one Brexit voter is trying to bring these communities together.

In May 2017, Clay was convicted of first-degree murder.

The crime carries a mandatory penalty of life in prison without parole.

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