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I have to say, especially for TV (and cable tv, no less), that the discussion was equal and measured. A few thoughts of mine: (1) Too many treatment programs rely too much on the 12-Step Model.

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This enables kayak fishermen of all ages to participate, from kids to seniors.

Also, any kayak can be customized, so you can start with a basic kayak and add to, everything from storage, rod holders, live bait well, downriggers, outriggers, even pontoons.

The creation of a social network and a collection of some inspirational role models.

(5) In summation, AA is a wonderful program that helps lots of people.

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When you hook a big one the kayak will turn, so just keep your eyes on the horizon. Finally, and most importantly, Joe offered this up: “When you go offshore, safety is number 1.

You are in big open water with currents and conditions.

They are local pioneers of a flavor of kayak fishing known as, you guessed it, extreme kayak fishing. ’ According to Joe, it is an angler that goes offshore, had his or her kayak tricked out with all the latest gear (just like a regular fishing boat), and fights winds, current, and the open ocean, and catches really big fish.

As Joe tells me all this, I am getting hooked, err, interested. Is this a sport where kayak experts need to learn how to fish, or excellent fishermen who need to learn how to kayak? “When extreme kayak fishing started we had a lot of good kayakers who weren’t good fishermen, so the focus was making these people better at fishing, and now they are catching big fish. There are a lot of great videos on You Tube and on our website. Get out in the surf, get used to the conditions, start to go farther and farther out until you get comfortable, and then add your gear”. But what kind of kayak and related gear does a starter need to get?

This is sounding pretty cool, pretty dangerous, sort of like a big Pumphouse swell during the Hurricane Sandy days. We learned that any kayak will do, from the paddle variety to those equipped with petals (like a bicycle).

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