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A color-coded map in the journal article shows only two states with subscription rates higher than 3.6 per thousand home broadband users: Utah and Mississippi. (Edelman says he took into account the amount of broadband access available in various regions and adjusted his data accordingly; porn users tend to favor high-speed data transfer that can download lots of the steamy visuals quickly.) "Subscriptions are slightly more prevalent in states that have enacted conservative legislation on sexuality," Edelman writes.

," published in the most recent edition of the Journal of Economic Perspectives.

The most porn-watching ZIP codes in Utah, "with unexpectedly high subscriptions relative to their population and broadband usage," are 84766 in Sevier County, 84112 in Salt Lake County, 84018 in Morgan County, 84006 in southwest Salt Lake County, and 84536 in San Juan County.

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Use is higher also in states where more people agree with the statement "I never doubt the existence of God." Edelman is also quick to point out, however, that the difference in usage between states is relatively small (compared to, say, the difference in truck ownership between various states).

The state with the lowest subscription rate was Montana, with 1.92 per 1,000.

Edelman looked at subscriptions to a top-10 seller of online adult entertainment, comparing ZIP codes associated with all credit card subscriptions between 20.

Although some Internet porn is free, the subscription sites often offer higher resolution and sometimes real-time "chat" communications, Edelman notes.

Subscriptions to online porn are "particularly widespread where young people are prevalent," Edelman writes.

Utah has a high proportion of young people, so when that's taken into account the porn use in Utah compared to other states is "somewhat less stark," he says.

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