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The international centre for the study of radicalisation at King’s College London says that there are scores of other radicalised European teenage girls in Syria including 50 from the UK, 60 from France and 40 from Germany.

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Mostly mountainous, it has access to a tiny portion of the Adriatic Sea coastline in the south. While the country is politically divided into two "entities"; the Federation of Bosnia and Hercegovina with a predominant Muslim/Croat majority population (about 51% of the territory) and the Republika Srpska (i.e.

Republic of Srpska, Republic of Serbs or Republic of Serbland) with a Serb majority population (about 49% of the territory).

Children become scared if they cannot see your face.

But the increase in the number of women wearing face-coverings in the years after the war is connected to the rise in the number of Bosnian Muslims practicing a stricter Salafi interpretation of Islam than the one that was predominant in the country before the 1992-95 conflict. Another Bosnian woman who has chosen to wear the niqab, Edina Talic, says she started to cover her face when she began learning the Koran by heart.

says that her parents did not support her decision to start covering her head because they feared it would prevent her from achieving her goals in life, although they eventually accepted it. But she argues that people who are against her wearing the niqab are effectively telling her to hide her religious identity: “Be a Muslim woman, but only in your heart. Pray to God, but you should not tell everyone you do it…

” She managed to complete her university studies and find a job as a doctor, but says she cannot cover her face at work. I have accepted the fact that there is no other way to go,” she explains.

She says however that she has noticed that when she gets a chance to introduce herself and say who she is and what she does, people change their opinion about her, irrespective of the fact that she wears a niqab.

Z., a medical doctor from the Bosnian capital who has worn the Islamic face-covering veil, the niqab, for the past 17 years. Z., who did not want her full name published, says she often faces insults while walking down the street - people call her a ‘ninja’ or ask why she is hiding her face - insults that sometimes cause her to decide to stay at home “because I do not want to spoil my day”. She says she was subjected to criticism from the very beginning, and recalls being told by one of her professors: “You are a good student. I thought I should show what I kept in my soul and my heart,” she says.

She recalls how one woman told her in the street she was a Baba Yaga - a scary witch from Slavic folklore - while another talked her three-year-old child into throwing stones at her. “When you realise it is your obligation to do it, you start moving in that direction.

“I regularly go to the alley in order to run there. I am trying to do whatever satisfies Allah,” she explains.

However the reports said that the two feared they might not be able to escape because too many people associated them with Isis.

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