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Another method is to set the account renewal option to "manual" so that it doesn't automatically debit your credit card; instead it automatically reverts to free when your Gold Membership runs out. Which is probably why Facebook recanted on the changes and suddenly embraced democracy for its guidelines.If you're still steamed, you have a couple of ways to leave FB behind.

If you stop paying, that goes a long way toward ending it with a few sites.

Others make you jump through more hoops than a tiger at the circus.

Those users can log in and remove themselves anytime.

Visit the Member Support Email Contact form, pick a reason you're leaving, and click Yes. If you've paid—base cost is $15 for three months—you've got a Gold Membership at, and that makes it a little more complicated.

My (formerly My wants to bring people from previous school classes together.

Unfortunately, it tends to be aggressively annoying, with a constant barrage of e-mails once you sign up.

It even displays pictures of people you're in photos with, playing on your emotions with captions such as, "Mark will miss you" and "Wendy will miss you." Sure they will. Once you've cleared the tears from your eyes, you'll notice another message on-screen, wherein the Facebook Team points out that you shouldn't deactivate because of that silly old terms of service change.

That "was a mistake we have now corrected." Too much hullaballoo. You have to provide a reason to deactivate, whether you'll be back or not, and you can also opt out of getting e-mails from Facebook while deactivated. Assuming you can remember your log-in, do so and click Settings. On a new page, you'll find the Cancellation Form in the middle.

Attach the digital photo to the e-mail or at least send My Space a link to where the picture can be found online.

This salute may prove you're you, but that will matter only if you've got a picture on your My Space page for the support team to compare it with.

First is simple "deactivation." Visit your Facebook Account page and click the "deactivate" link at the bottom.

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