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He even took a bus all the way from New York City, where he lived at the time, to North Carolina, to reach the path of totality.“You kind of put yourself in the middle of celestial mechanics in action. “It’s the only way that I know of where you really experience the working and scale of the dynamics of the solar system.”The nationwide experiment is being coordinated by solar astronomer, Matt Penn of the National Solar Observatory.The goal is to station citizen scientists along the path of totality, collecting images from the total eclipse and stitching them together to create a 90-minute movie of the elusive corona.Regarding our infamous July 4th video of 2015, we went to Sabino Canyon on July 4th 2016 and saw pretty much the same light configurations on Mt.

Everyone I know still thinks this was a UFO event even though I’ve presented the evidence otherwise.

I’ll leave a 1% chance of it being ET oriented just in case. Here’s the webpage where I finally solved all the anomalies More Evidnece – Getting to the Truth, Tucson UFO Video July 4, 15Hope all is well.

Eclipse chasers often have to battle harsh environments, bad weather and monetary and time restraints to see the event.

For his first solar eclipse, he prepared for months by reading newspapers articles, magazines and books.

They were showing their headlights down to their buddies below who were watching the fireworks and using green and blue lasers to augment their position.

They were probably in cellphone contact as well since that is a cell hot area up there.Matt Penn, left, astronomer with the National Solar Observatory, directs Cienega High School Astronomy Club students Bentley Bee, right, and Daniel Stelly, both 16, in setting up their solar telescope and camera for viewing at the school, 12775 E.Mary Ann Cleveland Way, on May 6, 2017, in Vail, Ariz. Tucson time and slide in front until the peak coverage at a.m.The letter read as follows: After going up on the mountain itself 3 times and doing a lot of figuring things out to a rational conclusion, it looks like our now infamous 4th of July videos were of human origin.The one and only place the lights could have been was only a few yards long and they would have to be motorcycles since cars couldn’t have parked on that narrow a road.Eclipses aren’t rare, but the path of totality, the strip of Earth’s surface where the moon completely blocks the sun’s light, is narrow and reaching it now could be difficult — large crowds are expected in the areas of the country where there will be a total eclipse.

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