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After getting their hands on credit card numbers (often through such simple expedients as rummaging through trash to find discarded receipts or statements), crooks can then employ a variety of means (e.g., mail order, phone order, Internet purchases, posing as merchants) in order to obtain money and merchandise by charging against the cardholder’s though the credit card itself remains snugly inside the cardholder’s wallet.

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(That is, some criminal schemes are technically possible, but they’re too difficult, cumbersome, or expensive to plausibly enact on anything more than a very limited basis.) 3) Are there any verifiable instances of people having been victimized in the manner described by the warning?

4) Is there evidence that the criminal activity described in the warning is widespread?

Many vendors cannot process credit card transactions without obtaining these security codes from their customers, thereby ensuring that persons placing orders have physical possession of the cards being used (and haven’t simply scammed the sixteen-digit account numbers imprinted on the front of cards somehow).

Thus the scheme described above might be used by identity thieves who have managed to collect credit card numbers but need to obtain the associated security codes in order to process charges against the accounts. — Yes, it’s possible that scammers might get hold of credit card numbers and then use the technique described above to obtain security codes and process phony transactions against the accounts. — The scam as described above is not extraordinarily difficult or expensive to pull off; all it requires is access to a telephone and the establishment of a merchant account for processing credit card transactions.

5) Is the criminal activity described in the warning something the average person might fall victim to?

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